XJet Clubhouse and Hangar Complex

Centennial Airport, Colorado


Project Description

XJet Club LLC. retained Western Engineering Consultants (WEC) for their fourth project (third within the Inter- Port Development at Centennial Airport). The XJet Fuel Farm was critical to XJet providing the cost effective services to their club members and was fast-tracked from the beginning. Insufficient regional storm water systems at Centennial Airport required XJet to provide on site storm water protection. Through multiple iterations with all of the approving entities, a Sand Filter water quality detention basin was agreed to be designed and constructed until such time as the appropriate Regional Pond L-1 improvements were accepted by the County and SEMSWA.

WEC then prepared the necessary drawings and studies required to attain approvals from Arapahoe County Public Airport Authority (ACPAA), Arapahoe County Engineering, Arapahoe County Water and Wastewater Authority (ACWAA), South East Metro Storm Water Authority (SEMSWA), South Metro Fire & Rescue, Cherry Creek Basin Water Quality Authority, and the InterPort Development Design Review Committee. Specific engineering services provided included site layout, grading, drainage, erosion control (GESC), fire access and hydrant locations, utilities, landscaping, primary and secondary fuel spillage containment, Spill Prevision Control and Countermeasure planning (SPCC), State SWMP, and FAA 7460 permitting.



Specialized engineering designs for an aviation fuel facility adjacent to public access and an existing fuel farm facility. County drainage approvals required a unique sand filter detention basin - the first of its size within Arapahoe County.

Project Cost



XJet Club LLC



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