Custom Cabinets


Nearly two decades ago (and still steadily counting!), our company, Western Engineering Consultants, was founded as a means to "bridge the gap" between locally trusted industrial development coverage with a standard in quality that consistently raises the proverbial bar for the local industry as a whole. As such, we've made tremendous strides in the various development capacities that are typically involved during the development of industrial properties; such as mapping & design, land surveying & development, permitting & mediation, as well as labor scheduling and project logistics. Whether your industrial construction project requires our engineering expertise in a consultative/advisory role or if it's success is contingent upon our engineers filling more of a project management and mediatory function, you can rest assured that we treat each industrial engineering project with care, finesse, and when needed; innovation and calculated ingenuity.

If you have additional questions regarding our services or if you would like to schedule a meeting, please give us a call at 720-685-9951.