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Civil Engineering

While many of us locals here in Colorado have to opportunity to enjoy the many feats of modern civil engineering and designs, it is worth noting that many of these marvels are often overlooked and underappreciated by the general populace. The reason is rather simple: with the amazing progressions in both technology, techniques, applications, and engineering practices that we are available to us nowadays greatly surpassing the accomplishments of those as early as 100 years ago, it's only natural for those achievements that were once unheard of or merely a fantasy to become commonplace by comparison. Also worth noting is that while advancing the boundaries of modern civil engineering is the goal of any civil engineer, the adherence to traditional and proven practices is absolutely paramount. Regardless if a specific civil engineering project is geared towards organizing a major metropolis to accommodate a burgeoning population or if it's merely expanding upon an existing property's size and structural capacity, the necessity for efficient engineering is a need that only grows with the industry in general.

How Does Western Engineering Consultants Factor Into This?

Established in early 2003, we've emerged as one of Colorado's leading civil engineering firms responsible for mapping, designing, mediating, and managing local development projects of various sizes, capacities, complexity, and ambition. Our expertise has grown to include a wealth of project diversity and an equally abundant inclusion of various property types; including industrial, commercial, residential, municipal, government, and agricultural properties respectively. We take great pride in the many roles that we are tasked with filling; which often entails but is not limited to project management, permitting, mediation, litigation, scheduling, and site surveying and development.

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