XJet Clubhouse and Hangar Complex

Centennial Airport, Colorado


Project Description

Western Engineering Consultants (WEC) was hired for its expertise of completing development at Centennial Airport. WEC took this property through planning and engineering applications including development review with the Centennial Airport Authority, Arapahoe County South Metro Fire District, and Arapahoe County Water and Wastewater Authority. The XJet project consisted of three aircraft hangers, each of approximately 20,000 square feet plus ancillary office and support space, a two-story restaurant/clubhouse building of 15,608 square feet, including restaurant and kitchen facilities, a members’ club, and offices and support space for club and flight operations. The maximum hangar elevation is 50 feet at the peak and slopes to a minimum elevation of 40 feet. The maximum Club/Restaurant elevation is 35 feet.

Grading allowed the two story clubhouse to be accessed at a mid level between the upper and lower stories. This allows the clubhouse to have a one story presence at the primary guest entry and elevates the entry court so that it is not obstructed by the parking lot to the south. The lower level of the clubhouse and all three hangars have varying finish floor elevations due to the extensive ramp frontage. WEC was also tasked to bring the incomplete regional drainage designs and studies current with County standards while provide complete regional drainage designs for the Airport ponds located adjacent to Runway 10/28.



Planning, engineering and sub-contracted surveying services
Hangar and Clubhouse complex for exclusive Jet owner members

Project Cost

$12 million Construction
$325,000 Engineering


XJet Club LLC



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