Weldon Valley School

Weldona, Colorado


Project Description

Western Engineering Consultants. (WEC) was hired by The Neenan Company to perform engineering and planning services on a new addition to the Weldon Valley Junior and Senior High School. In response to the growing population, the school needed additional classrooms to house the new influx of students. WEC teamed with Church & Associates for the wastewater system design and Civil Resources, Inc. for an educational landscape design. In the pictures you can see the final addition to the school and some of the new landscaping that was installed. WEC also provided horizontal and vertical site layout configuration, grading, drainage, utility and erosion control designs.



Planning and engineering services

Project Cost

$33,000 Consulting
$350,000 Construction


The Neenan Company



The picture below shows the original building before the new addition. The remaining pictures show the new addition and landscaping for Weldon Valley School in Weldona.


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