Tabor Funeral Home

Brighton, Colorado


Project Description

Bernard’s Custom Construction has retained Western Engineering Consultants (WEC) to provide planning and civil engineering for various infill redevelopment projects within the City of Brighton. Infill projects within the City have unique issues trying to meet current City code on pre-municipal code lot sizes. This project required a City Council Approval of an Amended PUD as well as Use By Right Plans. These type of projects have been welcome investments into the various Brighton neighborhoods and an integral part of redeveloping older areas into diverse neighborhoods. The Tabor Funeral Home project will add a 1,500 square foot garage, a new 45 stall parking lot, landscaping to enhance the new parking lot, and significant drainage improvements. The new parking lot will significantly reduce the current on street parking demands.



Planning & Engineering Amended PUD and Use by Right Approval '07, Construction 2008, 75 S. 13th / 1255 Bush St.

Project Cost

$15,000 Consulting
$120,000 Construction


Bernard's Custom Construction, LLC



Bernard's Custom Construction specializes in site development and custom residential and commercial retail office design-build services. The picture above shows the existing rear of the Funeral Home (left) to receive a new garage and parking lot. The home to the right is the original Church of Nazarene Pantry to the removed and replaced with a new parking lot.


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