SunBorne FBO Office/Hangar

Centennial Airport, Colorado


Project Description

SunBorne Companies newest office/hangar at the Centennial InterPort Development is also known as FBO 11. The 23,000 square foot hangar and 13,000 square foot 2 story office building was completed in 2009. Based on the proximity to the future Runway 10/28 Taxiway Delta, detailed analysis was necessary to design the FBO 11 lot layout including Taxiway Delta Safety Area, Object Free Area, Building Restriction, FAR Part 77 and FAA 7460 permit surface height limitations. Typical approval agencies included the Arapahoe County Public Airport Authority, Arapahoe County Engineering, Arapahoe County Water and Waste Water Authority, Southeast Metro Stormwater Authority, South Metro Fire Rescue, Cherry Creek Basin Water Quality Authority and FAA.



Planning and Engineering Services
The FBO Office project included removal of an existing public and fire cul-de-sac access, extension of the alpha taxilane, and multiple storm infrastructure modifications.

Project Cost

$400,000 Consulting
$5.5 million Construction


The SunBorne Companies




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