St. Augustine Catholic Church

Brighton, Colorado


Project Description

St. Augustine retained Western Engineering Consultants (WEC) to provide planning and civil engineering for Infill redevelopment projects in Brighton. Infill projects within the City have unique issues trying to meet current City code on pre-municipal code lot sizes. The above project required collaborative efforts with the City, WEC, and the Church Building Committee in order to meet City codes and maximize site efficiency for the end users. Infill projects have been welcome investments into the various Brighton neighborhoods and an integral part of establishing the City’s plan for redevelopment.

As part of the City’s conditional use approval process, this site was held to commercial design standards. Thus, the landscape and drainage improvements required of this site are unparalleled within the core city.

St. Augustine Catholic Church proposed to add an 18,600 square foot new Parish Center adjacent to the existing elementary school, a new parking lot to accommodate an additional 139 cars for Sunday services in Phase A. Phase B will include the addition of a chapel to the existing church across 7th Avenue from the new parish center and a new pantry with its own small parking lot. Additional site changes will open up the front of the church to allow free movement of vehicular and pedestrian traffic. Other additions include an eight foot sidewalk from the new parking area to the Catholic Church making a direct connection, a meditation garden in front of the new parish center and an open space area by the new parking to accommodate church activities, additional parking and new landscaping.



Land planning, civil engineering and landscape architectural services
Conditional Use Process

Project Cost

$100,000 Consulting
$950,000 Site Construction
$3.0 million Building Construction


St. Augustine Church,
Archdiocese of Denver



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