Play! Stay! & More!

Brighton, Colorado


Project Description

The Brighton Animal Clinic (BAC) approached Western Engineering Consultants (WEC) about bringing Brighton’s first Animal Daycare into the City called Play! Stay! & More! Along with the standard civil designs necessary to achieve City approvals – grading, storm drainage, water, sewer, parking, platting, etc. – the BAC site required involved coordination with the City to meet Master Drainage, Bromley Lane Master Plan, and 2nd Avenue long term goals since it was the first existing site to be significantly enhanced along the Bromley corridor. As part of the cooperative relationship with the City, the Owner agreed to hold the I-2 zoned lot to commercial design standards in order to enhance the Bromley corridor. Additional right of way, re-building of 2nd Avenue, and the oversized installation of storm piping within 2nd Avenue to help alleviate existing poor drainage were some of the hurdles overcome. WEC was hired for its expertise of completing development projects in the City of Brighton.



Roadway Improvements - the developer was required to provide improvements to two adjacent public rights of way. The property frontage was along a Major Arterial - Bromley Lane. An additional 42-foot of right way was required to be dedicated. Site layout, and utility improvements were coordinated to accommodate the expected future roadway. In addition to the Master Planned Major Arterial roadway, 2nd Avenue - a local public street was required to be re-built to meet current City standards. Designs for Interim and Final connections to the future Bromley Lane were completed and approved by the City. Designs for both roadways included utilities, drainage, grading, pavement design, and right of way cross section improvements.

Project Cost

$52,000 Consulting
$1,800,000 Construction


Brighton Animal Clinic


Play Stay & More is the first existing business site to be enhanced along the Bromley Lane corridor. Major work to 2nd Avenue, additional right of way and oversized storm pipe were some of the obstacles to overcome.


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