Magnesium Chloride Farm

Commerce City, Colorado


Project Description

Western Engineering Consultants (WEC), was retained by the largest private snow removal contractor in the State of Colorado in order for them to expand their operations and complete a fuel farm facility at their newest property in Commerce City. WEC provided complete planning, engineering, and landscape architectural services in order to achieve City, Fire District, and State approvals necessary for Integrated Resource Systems (IRS) to complete their six—20,000 gallon (120,000 total) magnesium chloride tank farm, salt sheds, and snow plow lay-down areas. WEC services included: Development Plan submittal, site layout, grading, storm drainage, utility, landscape architecture, and construction storm water management design services for the 2.21 acre site located near I-270 and Vasquez Blvd.



Use By Permit
Mag Chl. Farm Site Design
Spill & Rainfall Containment
Board of Adjustments Hearing
Development Plan Approval

Project Cost



Integrated Resource Systems Inc.


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