Lauer - Krauts Restaurant

Brighton, Colorado


Project Description

Lauer Krauts retained Western Engineering Consultants (WEC) to provide planning and civil engineering for their proposed infill redevelopment in Brighton. As most infill projects within the City have unique issues trying to meet current City code on pre-municipal code lot sizes. This project required a change in use from an existing apartment located in the southern portion of the existing building—into a proposed restaurant. A PUD was necessary to achieve a multi use building since the northern half of the building had been a prominent Hair Salon for the past 20 years. An outdoor seating area, landscaping, signage, and offsite parking issues were all part of the unique project.



Planning and Engineering PUD & Use By Right Approvals 2005 & Construction 2006

Project Cost

$8,000 Consulting
$20,000 Construction


Lauer Krauts, LLC
26 South 6th Avenue



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