European Village at Landmark

Greenwood Village, Colorado


Project Description

Western Engineering Consultants (WEC) moved from design and construction related services for the Landmark right into the “over the top” residential village just to the south. WEC designs include the usual layout, grading, utility, drainage and roadway designs - with several new twists—granite curb and gutter, plush plaza gardens, private access courtyards, and multi-floor access levels making for intensely detailed civil related designs. The new residential property will be designed in a more traditional neighborhood fashion, with stately trees lining quaint streets and a combination of single-family detached and attached homes. WEC was hired for its expertise of completing development in Greenwood Village. WEC took this property through engineering applications including development review with the City of Greenwood Village Metro District, South Metro Fire District and Goldsmith Sewer District, Southgate Water and Wastewater District, and Denver Water Department.



Planning, engineering, and construction related services

Project Cost

$170 million Construction


Everest Development Company




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