Denny Lane Subdivision

Boulder, Colorado


Project Description

Denny Lane Subdivision is located in the northern part of Boulder in a low density area of single family development. This project presented its share of challenges throughout the permitting and planning addition emergency access on the east side of the property to Violet Avenue. Western Engineering Consultants (WEC) was hired for its land development expertise. This parcel of land was originally a 1.9 acre single family dwelling that was subdivided into 5 estate sized lots. WEC took this property through the preliminary planning processes, rezoning, preliminary and final platting low density development.



Planning, Landscape, and Engineering Services
One lot subdivided into 5 estate sized lots

Project Cost

$300,000 Construction


Sherdon Denny


Denny Lane Subdivision is a 5-lot property located in Boulder. All lots are estate sized and designed as a re-development of a single lot in a single-family neighborhood.


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