Private Estate

Greenwood Village, Colorado


Project Description

Western Engineering Consultants (WEC) was retained by a prominent Greenwood Village resident to work with a handful of specialized professionals to create an aquatic paradise within an urban environment. WEC handled the 15 acre estate grading, drainage, septic, fire, and other utility designs while providing unique water feature design support. WEC provided hydraulic designs for the running water (spillway) above a rock grotto and a low water crossing between two of the three estate ponds that allowed the water to pass at over 2,250 gallons per minute (gpm) over the road or under the road in winter conditions via a hidden pipe system. WEC worked directly with Aquatic Consultants, Inc. on the design building of the two trout ponds and one bass pond. Aquatic Consultants is recognized as the premier lake construction and management company in the Southwest United States. In 2007, WEC prepared designs necessary for the addition of an Indaba African Tent, 2,100 square foot stable, and new auto court. Height exception, replatting assistance, and overhead utility burial assistance services were also provided in 2007. WEC was hired for its expertise of completing projects within the City of Greenwood Village and the associated local districts.



Planning and engineering services
Layouts of grading, drainage, roadways, utilities & flood-plain improvements

Project Cost

$200,000 Consulting


Aquatic Consultants, Inc.
(505) 890-5753

Project Manager

Chadwin Cox, P.E.



This Residence is a 15-acre estate in the heart of Greenwood Village. The highlights of this project include trout and bass ponds, low water crossings, trail systems, and extreme water features.


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