Chama River

Chama, New Mexico


Project Description

Aquatic Consultants, Inc. (ACI) retained Western Engineering Consultants (WEC) to join their design-build team in restoring and rehabilitating three different irrigation and recreational ponds on a private retreat along the Chama River just outside of Chama, New Mexico. WEC provided pond re-grading, pond outlet designs, irrigation channel and diversion structure designs, a river diversion structure, as well as rerouting and improving an unmapped historic floodway. The collaborative effort with ACI met the owner’s goals of enhancing critical irrigation systems while providing a recreational amenity.



Pond Outlet Designs
River Diversion Structure
Re-Routing and Improving Floodway

Project Cost

$65,000 Consulting
$1,500,000 Construction


Aquatic Consultants, Inc.


The picture below shows the original building before the new addition. The remaining pictures show the new addition and landscaping for Weldon Valley School in Weldona.


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