Centennial InterPortâ„¢ Taxilane Sierra

Centennial Airport, Colorado


Project Description

SunBorne Companies, as part of the necessary infrastructure to serve their Lot 15 development underway by J & L Management Services, needed to complete the extension of existing taxi-lane Alpha east to serve the J & L site. Taxi-lane Sierra was conceptualized to complete aircraft access. WEC prepared designs necessary to meet required horizontal and vertical spacing and access criteria, drainage, grading, utility, fire access, erosion control GESC, and easements meet all additional aviation criteria (FAA) for taxi lanes, object free areas, specific aircraft design group access and aprons, proximity to future ACPAA Taxiway Delta object free and safety areas, and FAA permitting (7460, crane, etc).

Taxi-lane Sierra also required special design conditions to match two constructed fuel farms and the existing adjacent roadway designed by others while balancing project costs and future development impacts.



Planning and Engineering Services
WEC prepared taxilane Sierra designs concurrent with the SunBorne FBO Office/Hangar, Regional Pond L-1, Lot 15, and Master Infrastructure projects.

Project Cost



The SunBorne Companies

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