Centennial InterPort™ Master Infrastructure

Centennial Airport, Colorado


Project Description

SunBorne Companies has been relying on Western Engineering Consultants President Chadwin Cox for over the past 8 years to provide all necessary civil engineering for their Master Planned Interport Development at Centennial Airport. As part of their Phase II Master Infrastructure Project, three new taxi-lanes totaling over 2,900 lineal feet, four new roadways totaling over 4,100 lineal feet, 17,500 feet of water, storm, and sanitary sewer lines, and over 300,000 cubic yards of earthwork were designed in order to complete the Interport Infrastructure necessary for over 60 acres of remaining development. Designs were required to meet roadway spacing, horizontal and vertical roadway criteria, drainage, grading, utility, fire access, fire flow, and landscape criteria in addition to aviation criteria (FAA) for taxilanes, object free areas, specific aircraft design group access and aprons, etc.



Master Planning & Engineering Services
WEC prepared complete designs for the remainder of the 125-acre InterPort Development concurrent with Lot 11, Lot 15, Regional Pond L-1, Xjet Fuel Farm and Taxilane Sierra projects.

Project Cost

$7.5 Million


The SunBorne Companies


Approving entities included the following jurisdictions: Arapahoe County Public County Engineering, Arapahoe County Water and Wastewater Authority (ACWAA), South East Metro Storm Water Authority (SEMSWA), South Metro Fire & Rescue, Cherry Creek Basin Water Quality Authority, and the Interport Development Design Review Committee. During the design of this project, the Regional Detention Pond L-1 was under development review by the aforementioned entities in addition to Urban Drainage Flood Control District (UDFCD) which required another level of coordination to meet the regional drainage requirements of this unique location – i.e. on Airport property adjacent to existing Runway 10/28.

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