CDOT Vehicle Storage Facility

Kiowa, Colorado


Project Description

The existing CDOT Maintenance Site in Kiowa, CO consisted of an obsolete Vehicle two small sheds and a sand shed. This project provided the site with a significant upgrade by virtue of a new 5-bay VSF and concrete foundation for a Magnesium Chloride Farm. The footprint of the new existing structure, plus it included a 25 to the increase in building footprint and the need for the apron to drain away from the building, the slope from the entrance. In order to ensure the slope was manageable for the large CDOT trucks with plows attached, the proposed finished floor of the building was raised two feet above the finished floor of the old the remainder of the site design was tie back into existing grade and to direct runoff to the proposed detention pond, which released into an existing storm just off-site.



Western Engineering Consultants and RKS Structural were challenged to complete the Civil/Structural Engineering design within a tight budge and schedule.

Project Cost

$20,450 Engineering
$530,000 Construction


Colorado Department of Transportation



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