CDOT Sand Sheds

35 Locations Across Colorado


Project Description

The entire list of sand sheds was prioritized and bid according to need and area. Two separate bids 2008 (3 bid groups) and fall of 2008 (2 bid groups). CDOT provided sketch layouts preferred by each Site Facility Manager. Title binders were ordered for each address once each Site preliminary layout was received from CDOT. Following the CDOT layout sketch - a field survey o each complete site was completed and then each site was analyzed for utility, grading, or drainage conflicts. The RKS/WEC team coordinated with CDOT to confirm final size, layout, and orientation (door). Final bid drawing designs included cover sheet, notes and specifications, existing conditions/demolition, site layout, grading, structural (5 sheets), electrical plan, and architectural plans (2). Between notice to proceed in the fall of 2007, receipt of site addresses and CDOT layout sketches, an aggressive scheduling of the site surveys and geotechnical drilling and analysis was necessary to beat the pending winter weather. RKS and WEC successfully completed all of the required sites (many of which resided in mountainous locations) to keep the State on schedule for construction completion.



CDOT retained the team of RKS Structural (RKS) and Western Engineering Consultants (WEC) to provide Sand Shed designs for 35 sand shed sites across the State of Colorado. Each design included a design field survey, site layout, existing utilities, grading, drainage, electric supply, geotechnical analysis, title binders, and structural designs. Sites varied in location from Antonio (south) to Gateway (west) to Skull Creek (northwest) to Briggsdale (north) to Burlington (east). Typical shed sizes were 50-foot wide and 80-foot long.

Project Cost

$550,000 Design
$7 million Construction


Colorado Department of Transportation



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