Brighton Reserve at Welch's Hilltop Acres - Collector Design & Construction

Brighton, Colorado


Project Description

Brighton Reserve is an exclusive project in the city of Brighton. Very few custom home lots inside a gated community such as this are available in Brighton. As such, the City of Brighton has upheld high standards for this project as it will be an example to follow for projects to come. Western Engineering Consultants (WEC) was hired for its expertise of completing development planning and engineering in the City of Brighton. This parcel of land was originally a 5.5 acre single family dwelling within Adams County that was annexed, zoned, and then subdivided into 9 estate sized lots. WEC took this property through the Brighton Development Review Committee, annexation and rezoning, preliminary and final platting and engineering applications for the project. In addition, WEC also provided landscape and architectural standards for this low density development. Brighton Reserve faced several engineering and planning challenges. There is only one access on the north side of the property onto Southern Street. As Southern Street was not complete prior to the project, WEC designed the portion of the city collector along the northern boundary of the project. Water and sanitary sewer mains had to be connected to the existing subdivision north through an existing lot. Extensive concessions were made to work with neighboring county residents.



Roadway Improvements – the design of this project required the design and interim construction of the City Collector roadway standard. In addition to the new roadway design, a re-design of an inadequate design by the major home builder to the north was necessary to resolve inadequate cover above an existing 24” water main. Said redesign of Southern Street also required the redesign and coordination of previously approved Tower Road approximately 500 feet east of the property. Tower Road (a City Minor Arterial), and Southern Street (a City Collector) had been previously approved by the large residential project to the north and a portion of the back of curb improvements (i.e. pedestrian/bike path, street lighting, grading tied into existing home lots, and utilities) were already in place and required unique and specific re-designs to correct the water main cover issue. WEC identified the issues to the City and the WEC re-designs resolved each of the conflicts to meet the existing conditions and future requirements.

Project Cost

$800,000 Civil Infrastructure Construction


James Hunter


Brighton Reserve is a 9-lot property located on the east side of Brighton. All lots are estate sized and designed as a re-development of a single lot in a single-family neighborhood.


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