Biomedical Pharmaceutical Company

Longmont, Colorado


Project Description

The World’s largest Biomedical Pharmaceutical Company has counted on the founders of Western Engineering Consultants (WEC) to provide site design and civil engineering services at their Longmont Campus for the past 12 years. Services have included:

  • Analyze the hydraulics of Lykins Gulch. Develop routing alternatives for the 3,200 cfs 100-year flow event.
  • Coordinate the relocation of the Peck Ditch irrigation facilities and design the relocated ditches, pipes, and structures.
  • Design the public and private site infrastructure including grading, drainage, sanitary sewer, water distribution, fire protection distribution, internal streets, Rogers Road, gas distribution, and electric and communication routing.

  • Design of the adjacent arterial streets Airport Road and Nelson Road.
  • Design of 2 new arking lots including primary storm detention within those lots.
  • Design of the site utility services tying in proposed buildings to the campus utility systems and re-routing of campus utilities as required by Site layout and master planning changes.
  • Field survey and mapping for detailed record drawings of the site utilities.
  • Control surveying for site and building construction.
  • Prepare easement legal descriptions and maps for utilities and ditch facilities.
  • Civil engineering representative on a multi-consultant confidential "manufacturing campus" master planning team.
  • Civil engineering design and planning representative for attaining phased long-term development and 30-year vesting of development rights - the first vesting approval of its kind approved by the City of Longmont.



Engineering, Master Planning & Construction Management

Project Cost

$150,000 Consulting
$2.5 Million Construction




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