4th Avenue Gateway Center

Brighton, Colorado


Project Description

CRC Properties first approached Western Engineering to help them achieve approvals for an affordable housing project on the 1.85 acre site. After two City review processes, better business opportunities for a Commercial Business Park presented themselves. WEC then re-designed the site layout to accommodate an approximate 14,400 sq ft foot print (27,520 total) maximizing the building footprint while still providing appropriate parking, access, storm detention, and site landscaping. CRC Properties dedicated additional right of way along South 4th Avenue to assist the City in providing a safer, longer turn lane for southbound 4th Avenue traffic onto westbound Bromley Lane. The additional right of way dedication and turn lane design significantly enhanced pre-existing curb slopes and flat roadway cross slopes. In addition to the major improvements to the City minor arterial, South 4th also is under CDOT jurisdiction. The approval process for the South 4th improvements were reviewed and approved by both the City and CDOT. Additional improvements to South 4th included a redundant parallel waterline on site, burial of overhead utilities, and installation of a new City streetlight.



CRC Properties relied on WEC to provide timely cost effective designs and achieve quick approvals on what turned into the jewel of office buildings within core Brighton. The residential site was re-zoned, platted, and approved within the Use By Right development process. Improvements included not only major enhancements to the image of the neighboring properties, but also included several public improvements within South 4th Avenue.

Project Cost



CRC Properties, LLC


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