16985 136th Avenue

Brighton, Colorado


Project Description

Mr. Otten retained Western Engineering Consultants in order to annex, zone, and provide preliminary civil engineering design recommendations for what began as a 4 acre site and grew into a 5 acre site at the corner of 136th & Buckley — immediately adjacent to the Prairie Center Development. Project specifics included preliminary coordination with the Prairie Center regarding Metro District Utilities and completed roadway (Buckley) improvements.



Land Planning & Preliminary Civil Engineering Services

Project Cost

$6,000 Consulting Services


Donald Otten


The picture to the left is along the eastern boundary of the site along the Fulton Ditch. Prairie Center is in the background including Home Depot, Johls, Petsmart, and other new retail businesses. The picture to the right is viewing northeast across the 136th and Buckley intersection. 136th promises to be one of the southern primary access corridors into the City. This site lies within 200 yards of Interstate I-76.


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