Western Engineering Consultants, Inc. (WECI) provides civil engineering services for aviation, municipal, commercial, and residential clients located in Colorado and New Mexico. Available services include utility and drainage studies and designs, hydrology studies, hydraulic designs, grading and erosion control designs, roadway design, and construction engineering. WECI assists our clients through the planning reviews and construction processes in order for them to attain the appropriate entitlements and to build their projects.

Specific Engineering Services WECI provides:

  • Drainage plans and reports (Preliminary, Final, or Master) - Rational and CUHP/SWMM
  • Erosion Control – including SWMP (Storm Water Management Plans), and 
GESC plans (Erosion protection & BMP’s)
  • Flood Channel Hydraulics (HEC RAS)
  • Grading (rough, overlot, and finish surfaces), including volumes, plot plans, etc
  • Roadway designs (local, collectors, and arterials)
  • Sanitary sewer system design (both local and large interceptor trunks)
  • Storm system hydraulic designs (UD Sewer, Stormcad, etc.)
  • Storm systems (piping, channels, local & regional detention facilities)
  • Water system design (both local and large diameter transmission lines)

WECI can subcontract the following services:

  • Environmental
  • Geotechnical
  • Structural & foundation
  • Surveying
  • Traffic

WECI utilizes the following software on projects:

  • Adobe 9.0 Professional, Adobe Photoshop 6.0 Professional
  • Autodesk – Civil 3D 2009, Autocad, and Autocad Lt and subscriptions, with the ability to save down to versions as early as AutoCad R14
  • Bentley Flowmaster Service Pack 3, Culvertmaster V3.1, Stormcad V5.6 and Watercad V8 XMEdition
  • Microsoft Office 2003 & 2007 Professional 
(PowerPoint, Excel, Word, Outlook, Money, Publisher, etc.)
  • Terrain Navigator Pro version 6.03
  • Trimble – Terramodel, version 10.6
  • Urban Drainage (UD Sewer, UD Pond, CUHP, SWMM, etc)
  • Word Perfect Office 11

WECI utilizes the following hardware:

  • 10 CAD Stations (XP and Vista) and 4 servers (Linux and XP)
  • Xerox 6279 Wide Format Printer with color scanner
  • HP Designjet 1050c Color Plotter